How to write complex sentences: A complex sentence consists of one main clause (independent clause) and a subordinate clause (independent clause)  joined together with the help of a subordinating conjunction such as a a relative pronoun. Example simple sentences: Jessie is 14 years old. She lives with her grandmother. As you can see we have … Read more

grammar short simple sentences

Getting Beyond Six for Grammar The problem with having too many short simple sentences is that the examiner is looking fora range of sentence types and in particular, complex sentences. Complex sentences have an independent and dependent clause. If you would like to listen to some feedback I’ve given a student about this please listen … Read more

grammar errors

Articles Almost every essay I read has errors with articles. The articles are: a, an, the To reduce these errors you should read about the rules, do some quizzes, and also practice your writing and get feedback on these. More is explained about this in the next section on improving grammar. Avoid writing short simple … Read more

Grammar Articles

Nearly every single task that is submitted for editing, be it a task 1 or task 2, has some error with article usage.  This article will present some of the problems with articles and provide solutions which will help to address a large number of article errors. There are many problems that arise as a result … Read more