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If you are in Australia,Taiwan, or Thailand, you can pay direct to my bank account. Please email me for bank account details.

Contact me by email:examiner@ieltsanswers.com


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The links below are for payments by Paypal or by credit card.


Writing Correction $30

If you would like me to review and give feedback on your writing tasks, click on the PayPal payment button below. There is a small charge for this service of only $30 US for four writing tasks (part 1 or part 2). If you would like to see some samples of writing tasks click here. [If you want to pay $35 Australian dollars, please contact me for my account details].

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Speaking over Skype $20

If you would like to live voice chat with me to practice your speaking or ask detailed questions about the IELTS exam, please click on the PayPal button below. There is a small charge for this service of only $20 USD for a half hour. Please check availability before paying.

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[7 day money back guarantee]

IELTS Speaking Success: $19.95

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IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2  $29.95

This eBook combines my three other books together. It includes:

Task 1 Academic Report Writing

Task 1 General Letter Writing

Task 2 Essay Writing for the Academic and General Test

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IELTS Task 2: Essays: $24.95 PREVIEW

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IELTS Task 1: Academic report  $14.95 PREVIEW

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IELTS Task 1: General letter  $9.95 PREVIEW

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Academic Reading Test eBook: $16

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General Reading Test eBook:  $16

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6 Responses

  1. Sangeetha

    Hi Mike,

    My exam is on 21st September. Can you please explain what do you cover under 30 USD? Is it just one time correction or is it a monthly package?

    1. MikeAdmin

      My $30 correction service is for correction of ANY FOUR TASKS including task 2 essays, task 1 academic reports, and task1 general letters.

      What I will do:

      I will correct and point-out your English errors and include explanations of the main problems. I will give you tips to make your writing better.
      I will give scores for the four criteria (Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and I will give you an overall IELTS score
      I will include some overall advice about your essay and its structure.

  2. param

    hello Mike
    how can i send my essay? and how many essays i cn send and how many task 1 report i cn send?how will u send me back my corrected work?

    1. MikeAdmin

      Process for correction

      1. Make a payment for my IELTS writing correction. Any four tasks for $30:


      2. Email me your writing task. This can be in the following formats: ms-word, pdf, photo of a handwritten task. I suggest you send your tasks one at a time, so that you can use the feedback from each task to improve the subsequent task.


      3. Choosing Tasks. You can select your own task questions or choose them from here:

      4. Writing your task: When you do a practice test I suggest you time yourself – 1 hour for the whole writing exam or 40 minutes for an essay and 20 minutes for a Task 1. Part of the reason for doing practice writing tests is to push yourself to complete the task within the required time.

      5. I will usually send back your task with corrections and feedback within 24 hours.

  3. Sally

    Hi, is the speaking service a mock speaking exam? Would I be given an estimated band? And how long is the speaking service? Thank you!

    1. MikeAdmin

      Hi Sally, Yes it is a mock exam with feedback on mistakes, a score for each of the four criteria, and suggestions for improvement.

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