Opinion Essay: Model answer

Opinion Essay: Model answer

Many people say that cooking and eating at home is better for the Individual and the family than eating out in restaurants.
Do you agree or disagree?

Comments about the task:

  1. Opinion essay
  2. You are not required to say how much you agree but it is still a good idea to do this
  3. Consider the cooking and eating of food
  4. You must whether it is better for both Individuals and the family

Somewhat agree

  1. healthier
  2. cheaper


  1. family-bonding
  2. save time for busy people

Model Answer:
Some people believe that eating home-cooked food is more beneficial for people in general and also for families. I somewhat agree with this.

The main reason I agree is that cooking and eating at home gives people control over the ingredients they use to make the food. People can ensure to use fresh and healthy ingredients to maintain a better diet and focus on their health. As well as this they can avoid the additives restaurants often add to their food such as monosodium glutamate.

Additionally, it is generally less expensive to eat home cooked meals as restaurants need to not only cover their expenses such as staff wages, but also charge premiums for signatory dishes or ambience. This is a great benefit to family budgets, and families can reduce their expenses by eating at home.

On the other hand, a family making a trip to a restaurant can be a good family-bonding experience. It can help the family to enjoy the ambience and food, without any family member having to go through the entire cooking and cleaning process. Furthermore, due to the busy lives we have, it can sometimes be helpful for someone to enjoy a quick lunch at a canteen during their working day to save considerable time and effort in preparing meals beforehand.

In conclusion, I somewhat agree that eating at home is better because eating home-made food is beneficial to the health of people and it reduces the expenses of families. However, occasional meals at restaurants allow an individual or a family to take a break and to socialise.
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ingredients = materials used to make food
premiums = higher prices
signatory dishes = most famous dish of a restaurant
ambience = environment
family-bonding = families socializing together

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