IELTS books to pass your Test written by Examiner Mike Wattie

Tips, strategies, model answers, and step-by-step guidance. My books are based on my collective wisdom as an IELTS Examiner, IELTS teacher, and online IELTS tutor. As a result of this I have identified areas of weakness in many of my students and test takers and based on this I have written books to help students improve their writing and avoid common pitfalls when taking the IELTS exam.
My books focus on providing students with critical information about the exam. This includes a full explanation of the grading criteria, a description of the different types of tasks for the exam, and elaborate details about how students can maximise their score for each of the four grading criteria. The books include sample questions, model answers, and step-by-step instructions to complete each type of task. As well as this, common errors are identified. These books are also available in printed form at Amazon.


IELTS Speaking book


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This IELTS speaking test book is over 200 pages and clearly explains the three different parts of the IELTS speaking exam. The different skills and strategies that are required for each part of the test are clearly identified and explained. As well as this, there are model answers for the common types of questions. This book also includes a section on ways to increase your score for grammar and vocabulary for common topics that are asked in the exam.



Complete IELTS writing book 


This IELTS writing eBook combines my three other books together. It includes:

Task 1 Academic Report Writing

Task 1 General Letter Writing

Task 2 Essay Writing for the Academic and General Test

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IELTS Essay Writing Task 2


IELTS Task 2: Essays    Free preview

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IELTS Reports book: Task 1 Academic


IELTS Task 1: Academic report   Free preview

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IELTS Letters book: Task 1 General


IELTS Task 1: General letter   Free preview

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IELTS Academic Reading book


The Complete Guide to Academic Reading

by Phil Biggerton

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IELTS – The Complete Guide to Academic Reading teaches you the skills and strategies you need to pass the IELTS Reading TEST. All twelve question types commonly used in the IELTS exam are covered which include: matching headings; true, false, not given; diagrams; sentence completion; summary completion; multiple choice; table completion; labelling flowcharts / processes; matching paragraph selection; yes, no, not given; short answers

It also includes five full practice tests. These tests uses articles that accurately match the length and complexity of the real test, and uses a range of question types to ensure you are prepared to sit your real IELTS reading test.


IELTS General Reading book


General Reading Test: Reading

by Phil Biggerton

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Just Released June 2014!

This 162 page book teaches you all the skills and strategies you need to know to pass the IELTS Reading General test. This book introduces all the question types commonly used in the IELTS exam and it also includes five full practice tests. As an added benefit you can ask the author questions if any part doesn’t make sense. I think this is quite special!


Speaking Book


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