Score higher for part two speaking

Score higher for part two speaking

1. Understand the different topics that get asked. There are five basic topics in part 2 of the IELTS speaking test that you will be asked to describe: people, places, objects, activities, experiences. You can describe each in detail by using the points below.

PEOPLE: appearance / personality / hobbies / relationships

PLACES: location / exterior / interior / atmosphere / service

OBJECTS: how i got it / exterior / function / price / another related object

ACTIVITIES: what you did / who you did it with / when / what equipment did you need

EXPERIENCES: what you did / who you did it with / when

See my website for sample questions for part two of the speaking test.

2. Lying is okay on the IELTS test!: Make up things and change details to use higher level language. Instead of a car being red it could be magenta in order to use a higher level word.

3. Adjectives. Part two of the test always requires you to describe something; the first word is always DESCRIBE. Therefore, use lots of high-level adjectives to describe people places and things.

PEOPLE: introvert, extrovert, narcissist, perfectionist

PLACES: bird’s eye view, panoramic view, white picket fence

THINGS: magenta, turquoise, microscopic, enormous

4. Relative clauses. Relative clauses  are useful to add details about a noun. To extend your answer add lots of details using relative clauses. https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/relative-clauses

5. Practice. Practice answering questions on each of the basic topics, you need lots of practice. Use the timer on your phone so that you get used to speaking for two minutes.

 6. Have a mock test with an IELTS examiner and find out your speaking level and how to increase it.



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