1. Red-Handed
This means caught in the act of a crime.
“She was caught red-handed stealing $100.”

2. White-Livered
If you say someone is white-livered, you are saying that they lack courage, “He is so white-livered that he won’t even get on the motorbike”

3. Tickled Pink
The idiom tickled pink means delighted
“ She was tickled pink to receive the award for the writer of the year.”

4. Yellow Journalism
This style of reporting favors sensationalism over facts.
“Equating murder with eating meat is the worst yellow journalism”

5. Rose-Colored Glasses
We use the words rose-colored and rosy to mean optimistic, as in the expressions looking through rose-colored glasses and things are looking rosy.
“If someone looks at the world through rose-colored glasses, she is perhaps being overly optimistic and in denial.”

6. Green-Eyed Monster
The idiom green with envy, which means jealous.
“Parents must treat their children equally to avoid the green-eyed monster

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