Process Diagram Quiz

Process Diagram Quiz

Exercise: Passive Form
Practice the passive form to ensure you can get this right in the test. Complete the passage below by adding an auxiliary verb (is/are) and changing the verbs to their past particle form. The answers are given on the next page.

The flowchart illustrates how chips are made [make]. First of all, a twenty ton bag of potatoes 1.) _____________ [deliver] to a restaurant by a big truck. The potatoes  2.) _____________  [unload] and then they  3.) _____________ [store] in a cool dry place. Next the peeled potatoes  4.) _____________  [insert] into a special machine that slices them into chips. Subsequently, the chips  5.) _____________ [wash] by the machine. After this, the chips 6.)_____________ [take out]of the machine and left to dry for one hour. Then, the chips 7.) _____________ [put] into a deep fryer that cooks them at 200 degrees. After this, the chips 8.) _____________ [remove] with a special tool. Salt and pepper are added to improve the flavor. Finally, the chips 9.) _____________  [put] on a plate and the plate 10. _____________  [give] to a customer.

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