Process Diagram Answers

Process Diagram Answers

banana chips

Answers:  Passive form
The flowchart illustrates how chips 1. are made.     First of all, a twenty ton bag of potatoes 2. is delivered to a restaurant by a big truck. The potatoes 3. are unloaded and then they 4. are stored in a cool dry place. Subsequently, the chips 5. are washed by the machine. After this the chips 6. are taken out of the machine and left to dry for one hour. Then, the chips 7. are put* into a deep fryer that cooks them at 200 degrees. After this, the chips 8. are removed with a special tool. Salt and pepper are added to improve the flavour. Finally, the chips 9. are put on a plate and the plate 10. is given to a customer.

* NOTE: “Put” is an irregular verb and it does not change for the present, past or past participle form.

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