Read the questions below and then play the MP3 and answer the questions.
Track 16. Listen to Part One and USING NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER complete the questions 1–5 below.
1.What are the two guest speakers’ names?
2.Which organisation did they work for?
3.How many weeks did they work for this organisation?
4.Where did they work?
5.What were they doing?

Track 17. Questions 6–10. Listen to Part Two.
6.Where did they get the water?
7.How often did they fetch water?
8.Who did they work with?
9.What would the women do?
1o.What was surprising about the women?

Exercise 16
1.John and David Lee 2. Habitat 3. two weeks 4. Dominican Republic 5. charity work / building houses

 Exercise 17
6.from a creek 7. every morning 8. Dominicans / mainly men 9. cooking duties 10. stamina

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