Planning Static Task

Planning Static Task

Usually with tasks that have a single time period (static tasks) you want to focus on numbers that are the highest, lowest, or the same. The key data is circled in the table below to illustrate this.

planning static task ielts


  1. In the USA beef sales were the highest at 220 grams.
  2. In the United States pork sales were the lowest at only 100.
  3. In the UK beef sales were the most at 240.
  4. In the United Kingdom chicken sales were the least at 120
  5. In Canada the sales of beef Lamb and chicken were all the same.
  6. The volume of pork sold in Canada, Australia and France were identical.
  7. Chicken was the lowest selling meat in Australia
  8. Lamb and chicken sold the least, in France, at only about 50 grams.
  9. The least popular meat was chicken at 20 grams in Egypt.
  10. In Egypt the most popular meat was pork at 200 grams

Note: you should connect some of these items together in sentences, so if we look at items “i” and “j” we could write: In Egypt, the least popular meat was chicken at 20 grams, and the most popular meat was pork at 200 grams.

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