Model IELTS Essay Answer

Model IELTS Essay Answer

 Doctors recommend that older people should get regular exercise. However, many older people do not take enough exercise
What could be the reasons for this?

What can be done to encourage them to take exercise?
Medical practitioners recommend that senior citizens should engage in frequent physical activity, despite this many do not follow this advice.  This essay will consider why they do not follow the advice and what strategies can be undertaken to motivate them to heed the recommendations of the medical profession.

To begin with, there are two main reasons why senior citizens are not likely to perform physical activities.  Due to the age of the person, it is possible that they have lost confidence in their ability to exercise.  This causes a phenomenon known as self-efficacy.  The magnitude of this issue is increased by the elderly person’s perception that they are no longer fit enough to try so their life becomes very sedentary.  As a result, this exacerbates the loss of confidence.  Ageing also can result in chronic illness such as arthritis with its resultant joint pain.  This is a common problem that may keep them from exercising because they fear it might cause more pain.

There are two possible strategies to motivate them.  The government health agencies should provide personal trainers to encourage the elderly to overcome their lack of confidence.  By treating the elderly with compassion and respect they should be able to gain their trust.  This will enable them to come up with a personalised plan for each person, in order to get them out exercising.  The carers of the elderly should educate the elderly about the benefits of physical activity.  Thereby encouraging them to include it as a component of their pain management program.

In conclusion, senior citizens are unlikely to undertake exercise because of self-efficacy and chronic illness causing pain.  Health agencies should provide personal trainers to devise individualised plans for each person and carers should be educating the elderly about the benefits of physical activity.  However, I also recommend that perhaps the best people to ask are the elderly themselves.


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