You have recently ordered two items online, but the items you received are not the same as you ordered and you are not happy with the purchase. Write a letter to the company telling them that they have delivered two incorrect items in your letter. 

  • Describe what you ordered.
  • What did you receive instead?
  • What would you like the company to do about it.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing this letter to notify you that I received a delivery from your company, but unfortunately I did not receive the appropriate products that I ordered from your company’s website.

Last Thursday I purchased two items from your website. The first product was a black Logitech webcam, model HD300, which is for my Windows-based laptop. The other item was a Logitech microphone, model USB100, which I intend to use with the webcam.

Instead of getting the products described above, I received two other completely unrelated products. The first one was a high-speed Microsoft gaming mouse and the other one was a mouse-pad designed for a gaming mouse.

I would appreciate it if your company can quickly rectify this situation. I would like you to send a courier back to my office with the products I ordered. In addition, I would like the courier to pick up the two incorrect items that were delivered.

Please let me know if this arrangement is suitable.

Yours faithfully,

Steven Smith

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