making an apology

making an apology

One of your friends recently had a birthday celebration, but you missed it and you forgot to tell your friend that you couldn’t attend. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: 
–        explain why you missed it
–        explain why you didn’t tell your friend
–        and say what you would like to do to show that you are sorry

 Model Answer:
Hi Joe,
I hope you had a great birthday; anyway, the reason I am writing is to explain my absence and to apologise.

To begin with, an explanation for not attending which was because my boss directed my team to work overtime to finish our latest project. This meant that we had to work very late on the night of your birthday.

As to the reason I did not let you know, the project was a security software upgrade for the army and we were not permitted to make private calls. By the time we finished, I was completely exhausted and just went home and collapsed on my bed; consequently, I completely forgot to call you.

I would like to express my regret as I am really so sad that I missed the celebrations. In order to do so, I want to invite you to my house next weekend to have a mini birthday party. Mark will be visiting from Spain so there is another reason to come.

Please let me know if you can come, so I can plan a few surprises for you.
Best wishes,
[188 words]

Task Analysis:
Who will receive the letter: friend
Relationship: friendship
Formality level: informal

– I hope you will understand when I say that…
– What can I say, except I’m sorry that…
– I’m sorry for…
– I owe you an apology…
– I’m so sorry if I upset you in any way…
– I can’t describe how sorry I am and how guilty I feel…

– I hope you believe me when I say how sorry I am.
– I can’t tell you how sorry I am.
– I beg you to forgive me for…
– There is no excuse for … and I hope you’ll forgive me.


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