making a complaint

making a complaint

You recently bought a new piece of equipment for your home but it did not work. You phoned the store but still no action has been taken.
Write a letter to the store manager. In your letter:
–        describe what equipment you bought
–        explain the problem with the new equipment
–        say what would you like the manager to do

Model Answer:
Dear Sir or Madam,
The purpose of this letter is to express my dissatisfaction with a purchase from your store last week.

Starting with an outline of the device which is a Sanyo Deluxe blender, and the model is SDB-2000. It is one of your top of the line blenders and it cost $89. I bought a silver one, with black trim.

Moving onto the issue, which is that the blades do not spin properly. At first, everything seemed to work fine but within a day the blender started to shake uncontrollably and there is a strange knocking noise and I can see the blades wobbling.  Immediately called the shop for assistance; however, despite promises to do so, no one has got back to me.

With respect to the remedial steps, I would appreciate it if you would replace my faulty blender for a new one in accordance with the one-year warranty. I have kept the receipt of my purchase, should you need to sight it.

Please contact me and let me know how you intend to resolve this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Sarah Smith
[181 words]

 Task Analysis:
Who will receive the letter: store manager
Relationship: customer and manager
Formality level: formal

– I am writing to complain about…
– I am writing to draw your attention to…
– I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with…
– I am afraid to say I have a number of complaints about…
– I was appalled at…

– We ought to discuss the matter…
– To make matters worse…
– I was very disappointed to find that…
– I would be grateful if you could…
– I should have been informed that…

– I would like to hear your explanation for the above problems.
– I would therefore be grateful if you could give me a full refund.
– I would like a full refund as soon as possible.
– I hope we can sort this matter out amicably.

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