Student’s question
After I wrote a few essays, I found my writing score was about 6-6.5.
However, I’d like to get at least 7 in real test, and I only have 2 weeks to prepare.
Which part do you think it’s possible to get improvement in short time?(TR/CC/GR…)
Limited time might be another challenge for me, I may only finish part 2 essay and part 1 for only 3 paragraphs in an hour. Is it possible to reach my target score?
My response
Please note that if you get three 7s and one 6 for the grading criteria = 6.75=6.5 [rounded down]…so to get to 7 it is likely you will need to get 7 for all four criteria [it is not so likely you will reach 8 for anything]. Review the feedback for all the tasks you have written so far and work on some common errors like reducing errors with articles [a, an, the]
you mention not finishing the task 1…this is likely to be a problem..if you write under 150 words then -1 off your score for task achievement AND if you have not finished covering the data for the task you are unlikely to get over 6 for  task achievement [5 after the -1 deduction].
Task 1 is worth 1/3 of your total and task 2 is worth 2/3.

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