Task Achievement Errors Letter

Task Achievement Errors Letter

If you write under 150 words in the exam you will get a -1 penalty in the exam. Before writing, make a plan for your essay to make sure you have enough to write about.

Your letter seems too long. The disadvantages of this are that you will have less time to proofread it, and you might not be able to finish it on time. Speed up by writing a plan and working out what your letter will include BEFORE you start writing.

Try to get a better balance between your responses to the three questions.
Try to write about the same amount for each question where possible.
You did not respond sufficiently to all questions this prevent 5.
This question is written in plural form so you must have more than one point in response to it. “” this prevents 5
You did not respond at all to one of the questions. This prevents 4.

Tone and formality

You use an appropriate tone and level of politeness
You have an appropriate friendly tone throughout the letter
You need to write a more formal letter
You need to write your surname for a formal letter
You wrote too formally for a letter to a friend
Don’t write your name in the body of the letter. Only write it at the end.
Don’t ask questions unless the task requires it.
You are writing in spoken form.

Note the following ways you should finish your letter:
Formal (to someone you haven’t met)
Yours faithfully,
Mike Duntree
Formal (to someone you have met)
Yours sincerely,
Mike Duntree
Semi-formal (To someone you know really well)
Best regards,


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