IELTS Speaking Practice over the Internet

IELTS Speaking Practice Online to build confidence, fluency, and familiarity with the test.

Help from an examiner for IELTS speaking practice

If you want to practice speaking with expert guidance from an examiner and get an assessment of your speaking level I charge $20 for a 30-35 minute class. I give you a mock test, followed by feedback on your performance and suggestions to improve. I also give you an mp3 of the class, so that you can review the lesson.

What we can do over SKYPE

  1. Online speaking practice
  2. Mock speaking test
  3. Band level assessment
  4. Strategies to improve band score
  5. Discuss questions you have about any part of the IELTS exam
  6. Feedback on any IELTS practice tests you have completed (including writing).


To organise an IELTS Speaking Practice Online session on Skype or QQ
  1. organise a suitable time. you can check my calendar to check for a suitable time.


  1. Send me an email to confirm the time


  1. After you have confirmed the time. please make a payment


  1. Add me to your skype contacts. My ID is:mikewattie
  2. Log onto Skype at the arranged time


Free speaking practice with an IELTS partner

IELTS speaking practice for free online with another student. This is the best way to improve your fluency. It’s hard to improve your speaking without actually speaking and this is an excellent way to have regular speaking practice and maybe even a cultural experience at the same time! Please click on the icon below to find a speaking partner, or leave a message in the comments section below.

ielts speaking skype free

I also have a speaking eBook available. The preview version is attached and you can see details of the full version here:

10 Responses

  1. Kulbir Dhami

    Hello Mike,

    As per your calendar, what would be the suitable time for you today or tomorrow to have a speaking session with you.
    My time zone is Mountain Time Zone UTC-07:00 (Edmonton, Canada)

    Also, would it be possible, if we discuss about the writing and speaking section. Lastly, would you be able to provide solutions to inaccuracies in my writing and speaking section.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Link

    I would like to know if this is a one-to-one speaking practice or a class with 1 teacher and a number of students?

    1. MikeAdmin

      The classes are 1 to 1.
      They will be free if you are doing them with other students.
      If you want to do them with a trained examiner they are $20USD for a 30-40 minute lesson.

  3. santosh hirve

    Hey Mike,
    please provide to me speaking partner for my coming speaking exam which will be held on 22 june 2017 please and also give me some important guide or tipes for my speaking exam please please…..

    1. MikeAdmin

      I will let other students know you are looking for a speaking partner. Some links for your study:

      1. learn idiomatic expressions


      2. learn some topic specific vocabulary [same for writing!]


      3. write out and rehearse some likely topics for part 2 speaking…especially cover people/places/things…you can see questions using this link, but the idea is that if you prepare an answer for a person, you try to use that to answer a question for any person…or when talking about a place you may also be able to include part of your talk about the person.


      4. Get your speaking assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner:

      Speaking practice over Skype


    I was initially dubious about opting charged speaking class as I was having an Indian accent. But, it turned out that the mentor, Mike could understand me fully. With regard to IELTS speaking, i was on the dark side. Even though I read all the marking criterion, I was puzzled about where exactly my issues were. Thankfully, mistakes and possible suggestions to improve in 1 month were pointed out by him.

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