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Top 10 Factors for Success
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 Writing correction 

I can correct your IELTS essays, reports, and letters; and give you practice for the speaking exam over SKYPE. Please enter your details below to receive a free Ebook to help you prepare for the IELTS test.  I also work as an online tutor to help students pass the exam. 


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Site Features:

1. Key information about the IELTS exam

2. Skills and strategies for passing both the General IELTS exam and Academic IELTS exam

3. Past questions from IELTS exams

4. Samples of IELTS style questions

5. Have your IELTS writing corrected and receive valuable feedback on your mistakes

6. Practice IELTS speaking online over SKYPE.

7. Read my IELTS books to gain key insight about the exam


How to use this site

This site gives you essential information about the structure of the IELTS test, the types of questions you will come across, the skills and strategies that are needed to pass the IELTS test, and opportunities to practice your IELTS writing skills by submitting your IELTS General writing and IELTS academic writing tasks, and to practice your speaking skills by chatting online over SKYPE. In addition you can use the online forums to ask questions and get help from your peers and me – your online tutor!



IELTS Writing Test

Improve your skills in the IELTS test by reading instructions on this site for the part 1 academic task, part 1 general Test, and part 2 IELTS writing essay. In addition, use our IELTS essay writing correction service to check your writing, learn from your mistakes, and receive feedback about how to improve your writing.


IELTS Speaking Test

This site has valuable links that can teach you about the overall structure of the speaking test and how it is graded. In addition, the vocabulary pages can give you useful phrases for Speaking part 1, Speaking part 2, and Speaking part 3 of the IELTS speaking test. In addition I provide a service over SKYPE so that you can practice your speaking with me and even receive feedback on your performance. I can even give you a mock speaking test, which will allow you to understand the three parts of the speaking test and I can also give you feedback about how to improve your score.


IELTS Reading Test

This site gives you skills and techniques that are useful for the speaking test. In addition a suggested step-by-step approach for the reading test is given.


IELTS Listening Test

This site gives you an overview of the four parts of the IELTS Listening Test and also some tips and suggestions that are useful for the listening test. In addition a suggested step-by-step approach to the listening test is given.


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