You should say
– who this person was
– when they were your teacher
– which subject they taught you
and explain why you liked this teacher


One of my favorite teachers was my English teacher from college, Mrs D. Nick. It was a year ago today that she started teaching me and she was my teacher when I was starting to learn English in the US. She taught me things about English pronunciation that I never knew or learned before in Thailand. Like other international students I had a lot of trouble and struggles with how to pronounce R and L sounds correctly and some other sounds that I had to work on it.

She never lost her temper. She was very funny, easy-going, an extrovert, and had a great sense of humor too. She laughed at our jokes as well as made us laugh and she would also try very hard to help us with our work. She always put us first and often stayed around at the end of class to talk with anyone who needed help. Even though I’ve already finished her class, she told me she always welcomes her old students to visit her and keep in touch, so I still visit her sometimes.

sense of humor = ability to tell or appreciate a joke.

keep in touch = keep in communication with someone

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