Your grade is influenced by the level to which your pronunciation makes it difficult to understand what you are saying, and also the degree to which you use language features of a native speaker such as intonation, stress, and rhythm.

Minimal Pairs

minimal pairs are pairs of words that have very similar sounds. Practicing these can improve your pronunciation and listing skills.

easily confused sounds; minimal pairs

errors with specific sounds [th, w, v, r, l, long vowel sounds]

Note that there are three ways to pronounce the ED endings of words: have a look here:

to get pronunciation of words:

1 go here USA :  here for UK:

  1. Enter the word
  2. Click on the speaker symbol by the word to hear pronounce

overall rhythm of speech

stress of syllables and words


Intonation is about how we say things, and without intonation, it’s impossible to understand the real intended meanings that go with words.

Listen to somebody speaking without paying attention to the words the rise and fall of tones you hear is the intonation. It has the following features:

These patterns of pitch variation are essential to a phrase’s meaning. Changing the intonation can completely change the meaning.


Say: ‘It’s sunny’.

If you said this word with a rising tone you probably feel happy about this. A falling tone indicates a negative feeling, such as it is too hot. Watch youtube videos to understand this better:

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