This task type assesses the ability to understand, a description of a place, process, or diagram and to relate this to a visual representation. This may include being able to follow language expressing spatial relationships and directions (e.g. straight on/through the far door).

Pre-Listening Tips
1. Read the instructions carefully. They will state how many words you should use or whether to use words from a box of labels provided.
2. Study the illustration. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with any labels that are already given, and to think about how the other parts of the diagram, map or plan which you are required to label may be described.
3. Think about where the discussion might begin on the illustration.
4. Check whether the numbered labels are in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The information will be given in the same order as the numbers on the diagram.
5. You may be able to predict one or two answers or associated vocabulary that you may hear connected to a particular label. Predict what type of words might be the answer i.e. will it be a place, room, street, building etc.

During Listening Tips
1. Listen carefully at the start of the recording because it will give you a starting point on the illustration. The talk will then proceed in a logical way from this starting point.
2. Listen for signpost words like ‘In the next room we are going to see…’, or ‘If you now follow me to….’, to help you move around the illustration and to catch answers.
3. Answers will keep coming in the same logical order so it is extremely important to stay oriented with the illustration. If you get “lost” you may miss many answers, so it is better to miss an answer than get lost.
4. Use the information given in the diagram to help you if you get lost.
5. Try to visualize the place or thing being described whilst the person is talking. Pay attention to distractors that are there to confuse you e.g. ‘this was the post office but it was converted to a bakery a few years ago’.
6. If you do not know how to spell a word, just write it down quickly and think about the spelling later at the end of the section.


Read the questions below and then play the MP3 and answer the questions.


Track 6. As you listen to the conversation, write the correct letter A-K of the building mentioned next to the questions 1-6. An example has been done for you.

  1. On day one, in Super Saver__________ TVs were sold.
  2. On the first day, __________ mobile phones were bought mainly by women.
  3. Every day, a variety of __________ kinds of overseas newspapers are on sale.
  4. Women can choose from __________ foreign magazines for ladies.
  1. G – post office 2. A – rag shop 3. J – campus radio station   4. K – computer store 5.F – sports stadium 6. D – Internet café 7. 20   8. 40   9. 13   10. 30

For even more help see my IELTS listening ebook: