IELTS Writing Common Questions

IELTS Writing Common Questions

1. Should I add a background statement in the introduction before stating thesis statement or paraphrasing the question? It’s better not to as there is no real advantage and there is a potential of confusing the reader as to what the topic is

2. Should I always include one idea only in 1 paragraph at all times? I saw many cases (advantages and disadvantages or problems and solutions) where more than one idea is used. This is what concerns me most. I don’t know when to use just one idea or more than one. I suggest for an opinion essay you just have one and for all other types of essays you have two

3. Are there any formula for me to apply when want to develop paragraph coherently? You know, what to say first, and then what… Well the kind of as you will have the key idea in the first sentence and then you want to usually explain things from general to specific… Something like key idea, general explanation, specific example

4. Should I always use examples in my essays? It is only one way to develop your main ideas. You can also use explanations and add details about the point you’re trying to make

5. Should I make up data in my essay and invent a study? Absolutely not is a totally ridiculous proposition and any teacher that suggests you should do this should be shot or killed in a more nasty way.

6 What are your tips to have high score in Vocabulary? 1. Avoid using words you don’t know how to use well 2. Practice using words you do know well 3. Learn some vocabulary for some of the common topics

7. How to learn how to use words correctly.  The best way is to look at how words

8. Should I always the summary of main ideas in the conclusion? Well kind of… The exception is the both sides and opinion essay where the last paragraph may be your opinion which may not necessarily summarise the main ideas…. But it’s probably best for your opinion to be based on some of the ideas at least

9. How is the writing score calculated and rounded up or down? Two thirds for task 2 1/3 for task three… Tiebreakers are rounded down  6.75= 6.5

10. In the four criteria for Writing tasks, are there any criteria weighing more than the others? I feel the task response is the most important :(. They are weighted the same but I think the task response and cohesion and coherence of the two that are likely to vary the most.

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  1. Firstly, thank you so much Mr. Mike for your comprehensive description for these hot topics.

    And I have a question please. It is often suggested in question (adva. outweigh disadva.) to assign one body paragraph for adv. and the other body paragraph for the disad. to make sure that task response is completely covered.


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