Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking: Part 2

Topics in the test:
Individuals : Appearance / Personality / Hobbies / Relationship / My feeling
Buildings : Location / Exterior / Interior / Atmosphere / Service / My feeling
Cities : Location / People / Food / Cityscape / Entertainment / My feeling
Experience : What / Why / When / Where / Who / My feeling
Leisure activities : What / Who / When / Why / My feeling
Natural Beauty : Location / History / Visitors / Activities / My feeling
Animals : Appearance / Habits / Food / Relationship / My feeling
Objects : How I got it / Exterior / Function / Price / another related object / My feeling
Organizations : History / Members / Location / Duty / Influence / My feeling

.Well I’d like to talk about ………
.Ok then, to start with I will talk about ………

The first point: 
The first thing I’d like to mention is …
The main thing you need to know is …
I’d like to begin by highlighting the fact …
The most important point about _____ is

The second point: 
Going on to my next point which is ______, and the thing that needs to be highlighted here is that (S+V). 
Now concerning the matter of ______, and what I have to mention here is that ~.

The third point:
Progressing to the subject of ______. I would like to explain that (S+V).
Moving onto the business of ______, What I would like to make clear is that ~.

The last point:
Finally, I’d like to discuss __________
Finally then, if there is time, I could deal with the last question of (N).

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2 thoughts on “Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking: Part 2”

  1. Hello! I really enjoy this site. Thank you very much for giving so good explanations!!! To be honest, I am poor at speaking part 2. In my past exam I was asked to describe the work of art I had seen last time. I got confused and couldn’t answer well. As a result, I got a 6.5 I think I would have got higher if I had covered this part better. What do you suggest? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi I have a few ideas:

      1. Look at lots of different part two questions and think about how you would respond to them in the real test. And if you’re lucky you might get something similar!
      2. Realise that even though you were asked to talk about a piece of art in your last test, you can actually talk about something else that you have prepared. Let’s say you have prepared to “describe place of natural beauty you have been to ” … And let’s say you have prepared to talk about a beach. Well, you could talk about a painting of a beach… And that each could be the beach that you have prepared to talk about. So in this case you will have lots to say and lots of high-level language preprepared for this topic.
      3. I wrote a blog about getting a high score in part two:


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