ielts speaking first class instructions

ielts speaking first class instructions

Hi.  Welcome to my class.  You have received this as you have been booked in for an IELTS mock exam. I am looking forward to speaking with you.  Many students often ask what they should prepare for the mock test.  To begin with, I am here to help you so please don’t be nervous.

At the start of the lesson I am going to ask you a few questions as follows:

When is your test?

What is your required IELTS speaking test score?

Have you taken a test in the past and what scores did you get?

The other important thing for me to know is what you aim to achieve from the class.  Some just want a class to brush up their skills for an exam the next day whereas others have a longer term strategy and want to use the mock test as a component of their study plan.  It is important for me to know this.  So please prepare some answers to these questions. You do not need to send me a written answer to this as I want to actually speak to you about it.

To improve your score in the IELTS speaking section and to prepare for the mock test, you should focus on the following areas:

  1. Understanding how the speaking test is graded
  2. Preparing for and practicing common questions that are asked
  3. Learning ways of structuring your answers to extend your answers and to improve your coherence
  4. Learning to paraphrase
  5. Improving your pronunciation and ensuring you can make all sounds correctly (th, l, r, long vowel sounds) and also getting natural sounding stress, intonation, and connected speech.
  6. Improving spoken grammar by correcting any frequent errors, and learning to use a couple of complex sentence structures such as conditional phrases or relative pronouns.
  7. Broadening your vocabulary especially by building common phrases that can be used for a variety of responses, such as connectives and linking words and idiomatic language

At the end of the class, I will send you a copy of the lesson plan we used, some feedback and improvement suggestions.  I will also provide you with a score based on your performance. Subject to the software performing correctly I will also send you an MP3 recording of the lesson.

Before we start please make sure you have tested your internet connection and all associated devices such as your earphones and microphone.  There is nothing more disappointing then having to reschedule a class because of issues that could have been avoided.  I have a busy schedule and technical delays that result in a class starting late, might mean we cannot start as I have to make sure I am ready for the next person. 

You might like to review the grading criteria before our class: