A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Comments about the task:

  1. an opinion essay
  2. You must say how much you agree or disagree
  3. You must address both interesting and develops quickly

Interesting due to things like different cultural aspects like types of cuisine
Develops quickly due to a diverse workforce

Model Answer:
Some people argue that a culturally diverse nation benefits from this diversity as it becomes more fascinating and grows at a faster pace. I totally agree with this opinion and because life among a variety of nationalities is not likely to be mundane and blending the positives of diverse skill sets results in stronger economic growth.

The main reason why I believe that the mixture of individuals from other nationalities represents an advantage for a country is that a culturally and ethnically diverse nation is more interesting as there are many different lifestyles reflecting different ethnic origins in it. More specifically, in a multi-cultural society, one can enjoy a variety of unique traditions and customs which is very exciting and adds spice to life. For instance, people in Perth, Western Australia can go to the inner city and celebrate Chinese New Year which provides a fascinating insight into Chinese culture.

Moreover, I believe that progress in multicultural nations is much quicker due to the diversity of the workforce. The reason for this is that different nationalities have different strengths which can be harnessed in the workplace. For instance, it is well known that different languages result in people’s logic and thought process being slightly different. As a result, when ethnically diverse people work together to solve a problem, they are collectively able to think out of the box, and come up with unique new solutions. Therefore, companies can draw on diversity to outdo their competitors, ultimately causing the economy of the country to prosper.

In conclusion, I am in complete agreement that a combination of immigrants from different nationalities and with different traditions is advantageous for a nation. This is due to the more interesting society it creates, along with the associated diversity of the workforce which ensures strong economic growth. Therefore, it seems that countries should embrace cultural diversity.

(309 words)

Fascinating =interesting
ethnically diverse = wide range of nationalities
adds spice to life =makes life more interesting
outstanding =exceptional
harnessed = utilised
artistic flair = talent for art
embraced =adopted

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  1. tenth line
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    i feel that we have to remove the comma nd add connector like and and preserve the parallelism by say come up not coming up

    • I agree with your other comment but not this one. We want both sides of AND to be the same tense = present simple tense. “is” + “adds”


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