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Getting your IELTS writing corrected by a professional is one of the effective ways to improve your writing. I will check your writing and give you feedback on errors and ways to improve your writing. My correction service includes task 2 essays, task 1 academic reports, and task1 general letters. Receive valuable feedback on your mistakes from an IELTS examiner.


What I will do:

  • I will correct and point-out your English errors and include explanations of the main corrections where this is important. Sometimes I will suggest improvements when your writing is not really incorrect but could be better.
  • I will give scores for the four criteria (Task Response; Coherence and Cohesion; Lexical Resource ( vocabulary); and Grammar and I will give you an overall IELTS score
  • I will point out any particular weaknesses in the four sub-score areas and suggest how you could improve.
  • I will include some overall advice about your essay.
Process for correction

1. Make a payment for my correction. Four tasks for $30:



2. Email me your writing task. This can be in the following formats: ms-word, pdf, photo of a handwritten task. I suggest you send your tasks one at a time, so that you can use the feedback from each task to improve the subsequent task.


3. Choosing Tasks. You can select your own task questions or choose them from here:

4. Writing your task: When you do a practice test I suggest you time yourself – 1 hour for the whole writing exam or 40 minutes for an essay and 20 minutes for a Task 1. Part of the reason for doing practice writing tests is to push yourself to complete the task within the required time.

5. I will usually send back your task with corrections and feedback within 24 hours.

6. Review your essay and you are welcome to ask questions if anything is unclear.

 How I will assess your essay

Your essay will be assessed against IELTS test criteria which include:

Task Response: How well did you meet the task requirements

Coherence and Cohesion: the structure and ease of understanding your response

Lexical Resource: The level of vocabulary and errors in word choice or form

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: The frequency of grammatical errors and the range of sentence types used.

Sample of an essay that was submitted ( original is below)
Question : Although many benefits may result from space exploration, the costs involved are enormous. There is some debate as to whether this money could be more wisely spent to provide for the basic needs of mankind such as food, clean water, contraception etc. for this reason space exploration should be restricted,
To what extent do you agree?
Student’s Answer:


Feedback from IELTS tutor

Suggested Next Steps:

1. Grammar is a serious issue, you need to work on singular/plural, articles, and verb endings. I suggest you go to my grammar page.

2. Work on connecting more of your simple sentences together to create more compound and complex sentences. An excellent site that explains sentence parts and allows you to do practice quizzes is at http://esl.about.com/od/intermediatewriting/a/cplex_sentence

Getting your IELTS writing checked
Criteria Feedback

Task response


 Well structured and addresses all parts of the question.

 Arguments relate well to the question. Logical conclusion based on arguments.

 Over 350 words, write less and use the extra time to check your answer

Cohesion and coherence


 Wide range of connectors used: furthermore, in addition etc. Clear progression of argument.

 However, the high frequency of errors with language interferes with the coherence



 Some level 7 words like:phenomenon,nethertheless, but frequent errors with word choices (e.g. “emergent”)

 Many errors with verb endings



 Too many short simple sentences

 Confusion of singular and plural

 Errors with articles, especially missing out “the”



 You have good arguments to support your point of view and your essay is well structured.

 Some use of high level vocabulary. Nethertheless, High frequency of grammatical and lexical error limit the quality of your response.


If you are interested in having me check your IELTS writing you can go to my payment page.

More detailed information of how this works.

See more samples of tasks I have corrected.

Students original essay (no correction made)

One giant step forward for mankind is that human can land on the moon! And there comes an argument putting the funds to exploring space or not. In my opinion, much problems existing on our earth before we do the exploration programme.

The most thing we should do first is reducing the gap between the rich and the poor country. It’s a good idea to give some financial aid to poor countries. Illiteracy, homeless, jobless can be seen everywhere because the state has limited public funds to built schools so that it’s very difficult to find a good occupation. Poverty leads to fighting! It is apparent that wealthy countries could do more to help people in poor countries. If they want to keep the globe peaceful/

Furthermore, the phenomenon of pollution of environment has increased nowadays. And it threatens the continuity and survival of the human race. So resolving the pollution is more emergent than exploring the space. Also many people think international organization must be set to intervene in the world affairs to resolve the pollutions such as soil pollution, air pollution or light pollution.

In addition, many diseases are not sure or have no good treatment these days such as AIDS and HIV. So human should put more attention on the treatment of these terrible diseases and make patients recover from these diseases without any pain. Moreover, many illness bring great pain to human beings like cancers so we should pay more attention on the methods to fight diseases rather than galaxies.

I believe that there are still many problems on the world which we should do first. It’s not good idea to spend huge amounts of money on exploring space. Making our world cleaner and more peaceful is more important.

see videos regarding IELTS writing

Samples of Writing I Corrected

Samples of IELTS writing tasks that I’ve corrected are included here to help your preparation. These include, essays, reports, and letters. I have corrected thousands of IELTS tasks. By reading the tasks I have corrected you can understand some of the common errors that are made in the test and also get ideas about how to write essays.

writing correction ielts

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  1. sevens

    I used this correction service and found it very useful. The feedback is detailed and given for all four grading criteria. I think it is helpful to have your writing checked by someone who is an examiner.

    1. mahmoudalgohari444

      i have two things
      1- shall i send my essay handwritten or computer written
      2- 30$ package will cover 4 task for each task . which mean total 8 tasks ( 4 letters and 4 essays )
      or will cover only 4 tasks , what ever it is


      1. MikeAdmin

        1. You can handwrite and send photos or type them
        2. Any four tasks…for example 1x task-one 3 x task-two [note that it takes about 20 minutes for me to do ONE task]

  2. Chan Nguyen

    Dear students, I have been studying with Mike for 2 months and his advise is very helpful and I love to study with him. With his speaking session, I see my English completely improve and feel confident to prepare for IELTS

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