IELTS Letters Task 1 General recent questions

Use these IELTS letter writing questions from recent tests to prepare for your test. You may like to see questions with model answers.


  1. Write a complaint letter about a taxi service that you have used recently. Please say

– When did you use the service?
– What was wrong with the service provided?
– What actions for improvement do you suggest?

  1. You have stayed in a hotel a couple of days for a business meeting and left a few personal belongings there. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel asking for help.

– Explain when you stayed in the hotel.
– What did you leave there?
– What would you like the manager to do about it?

  1. Write a letter to your manager and ask for his/her comments regarding the article which will be published in a famous magazine next month. In this letter, you should say

– What have you written the article about?
– Why did you write it?
– What makes it so special?

  1. You have recently used the services of a moving company. At the new place you found out that some of your items were badly damaged. Write a letter to the company manager including the following:

– Give details of your move.
– List items that were damaged.
– Say what you expect the manager to do.

  1. Write to a newspaper regarding an article they published about a TV program. Please say

– Why didn’t you like the article?
– Why do you like this TV program?
– What is you suggestion to the editor?

  1. Write a letter to a friend who went away for holidays and you stayed at his/her house. In your letter explain

– What did you enjoy there?
– What was the problem with the kitchen equipment?
– What did you do to fix it?

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