how to write an ielts essay

how to write an ielts essay

The purpose of this post is to introduce how you can learn to write an IELTS essay. This will be of interest to all people who need to take the IELTS test whether they are second language learner or a native writer. This is because an IELTS essay can be considered a unique writing genre requiring specialist knowledge and insight in order to achieve a high score. Just having a high level of English is not enough because you also need to know how to respond to an IELTS task and how to structure your essay in order to get a high score. In order to learn how to write an IELTS essay I recommend the following steps:

  1. Read model answers to learn how to write your essays better and also to get used to the types of topics and questions that commonly get asked in the test.
  2. Learn how to read and analyse tasks to get the right task response
  3. Learn how to plan your essays to get the response right
  4. Learn how to write the three types of essays that get asked to learn how to get the structure right
  5. Build-up topic specific language to boost your score for vocabulary
  6. Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner to find your weaknesses
  7. Review the feedback from the examiner so that you can learn how to write better and avoid making the same mistakes in the future

If you feel that your knowledge of the test is insufficient and that you require step-by-step guidance I recommend reading IELTS writing eBooks written by an author who has trained as an examiner.


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