Two Question Essay: Model Answer

Two Question Essay: Model Answer

Throughout history, people have dreamed of living in a perfect society. However, there is still no agreement about what a perfect society would be like. What, in your opinion, would be the most important element of a perfect society? What can people do to help create an ideal society?

People often hold the dream of having an ideal society. This essay discusses why equality is the most critical aspect of a perfect society and how people can strive to achieve this through the political and legal milieu of society.

I believe the most critical factor for a perfect society is to follow the doctrine of egalitarianism. This is because people need to feel equal in order to feel satisfied with their lives. When people feel that others have more than them it leads to dissatisfaction and sometimes even low self-esteem. Moreover, the feeling of inequality can lead to social ills. For instance, criminal activity is often due to jealousy towards others who have more possessions or a feeling of unjustness and inequity.

In order to create equality and a perfect society, political will and a just law system are required. Politicians must strive to create equality throughout the power structures of society. People must have equal opportunities in education and equal access to essential resources such as healthcare. Moreover, laws and regulations are needed to ensure that people have equality. Basic human rights and equal opportunities, for all members of society, must be clearly established and enforced through the justice system.

In conclusion, the cornerstone of a perfect society is equality amongst its populace. To achieve this sound governance and an effective legal system are needed. Even though a perfect society may not be achievable, it is worthy to pursue it and therefore the pursuit of equality should be paramount.