Task 1 writing: Evolution of a horse

Task 1 writing: Evolution of a horse

This task is occasionally asked in IELTS. It always seems to involve comparing four things. I’ve also seen a similar task with four bicycles. We can go through the following steps:

  1. Have a good look at the task and try and figure out what the differences are between the four pictures.
  2. Look for an overall summary = the horse gets bigger and the number of toes reduces
  3. Decide on a structure. We could put all four horses into one big giant body paragraph but that wouldn’t be the best way. A better way is to have a paragraph for each horse. And even better ways to write three body paragraphs as I have done



The picture shows how a horse has evolved over millions of years. Overall, the horse has become larger and the number of toes on its hooves has become fewer.

Comparing the oldest horse, Eohippus, from 40 million years ago to the one 30 million years back, Mesohippus, it has grown larger, with a longer tail, and a short mane on its back. The number of toes on its hooves has reduced from four to three and the toes are thicker; especially the middle one.

The next horse in the evolution, Merychipppus emerged around 15 million years back. It has grown even larger, its tail is even longer and the mane has grown more pronounced. It still has three toes, but the middle one has become even more extended.

The horse as we know it today is by far the tallest, with the longest mane and tail. Three toes have become one hoof.