The graph below shows information about the activities that New Zealand children enjoy doing the most in 2007.
What Children aged 5-9 enjoy doing
Model Answer

The bar graph illustrates the preferred recreational pursuits of Australian children aged from 5 to 9. Overall, girls enjoyed drawing and making things the most, whereas boys enjoyed playing sports the most. In addition boys were more likely to do outdoor activities, whereas girls were more involved in indoor activities.

For boys, the most popular activity was doing sporting activities, which accounted for approximately 28%. Next, a quarter of boys enjoyed visiting parks. Third equal were video games and watching movies, which both attracted 15% of boys. The least popular activities for boys were reading, and art and craft, which accounted for about 10% and 7 %, respectively.

Turning to girls, the highest proportion enjoyed doing art and craft at 25%. This was followed by reading novels and watching movies, which each accounted for roughly 7%. The proportion who played video games was only 15%.  The least popular were trips to the park and playing sports at 15%.

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