Task 1 Academic Introduction Writing

Task 1 Academic Introduction Writing

Writing an introduction for a map
The maps below show the CENTRE OF A SMALL TOWN CALLED ISLIP  as it is now, and plans for its development.

ielts task 1 academic reports map islip

Student’s Introduction
The two maps of the CENTRE OF A SMALL TOWN CALLED ISLIP can be compared with the present and the future. On the whole, there would be lots of modifications between them when the planned development carry out.

Mistakes In the Introduction:

  1. Too much of the original Task 1 introduction has been copied (uppercase text). More paraphrasing is needed.
  2. It is better to use the simple present active tense (compares) rather than the passive form (can be compared with) which has the effect of moving the focus away from the purpose of the two maps which is to compare the differences between the two maps.
  3. It is better to start ALL summaries with – Overall, rather than “On the whole”
  4. The summary is rather general and could be used for many similar map summaries. A more specific summary is needed.

 Model version:
The two maps compare the planned changes to the small town of Islip. Overall, Islip town centre is planned to change from a very simple, one main road, town centre to one with much more housing, facilities, and a dual carriageway.



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