Tips increase IELTS vocabulary score

IELTS VOCABULARY TIPS For both the IELTS speaking and writing exam your vocabulary (lexical resource) accounts for 25% of your score. Therefore, part of your preparation for the exam should be to improve your range of vocabulary. For the speaking exam, I highly recommend that you learn some idiomatic expressions as this is important to … Read more


This blog gives my top ten tips to prepare for an IELTS test. For convenience, I have turned this into a pdf for you to download. Top 10 Factors for IELTS Success 1.Improve your overall English ability The IELTS exam has been designed to test your ability to communicate in English, so ultimately you cannot score … Read more

10 IELTS Speaking Tips

10 IELTS Speaking Tips Do not speak too fast thinking that is fluency. Actually, you may be lowering your score because the examiner did not catch what you said or what you are saying may not be coherent. If you do not understand the question make sure you get the examiner to repeat it in … Read more