Model Answer for Cambridge IELTS 13 writing test reports task 1 The chart below shows the percentage of households in owned and rented accommodation in England and Wales between 1918 and 2011 model answer The bar chart illustrates the proportion of households who lived in their own or rented accommodation in England and Wales from 1918 … Read more

How to write a Task 1 summary for a map

How to write a Task 1 summary for a map The map below shows the development of a seaside village between 1995 and present. Write a short report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below. Student Introduction and Summary The two maps represent the same seaside village as it was in 1995 and … Read more

IELTS floor plan task 1 academic

The floor plans below show the changes that were made to a house over a six-month period. Model answer for a floor plan The illustrations reveal the alterations that occurred at a residential building. Overall, the main difference is that the renovated building has one less internal wall. Looking at the point of entry to … Read more


You have recently ordered two items online, but the items you received are not the same as you ordered and you are not happy with the purchase. Write a letter to the company telling them that they have delivered two incorrect items in your letter.  Describe what you ordered. What did you receive instead? What would … Read more


The Diagrams below show a small local museum and its surroundings in 1957 and 2007 summarize the information by selecting main features etc. The illustrations depict changes to a museum building and grounds in 1957 and 2007. Overall, the building has become much larger and the number of trees has been greatly reduced. Looking first … Read more

Completing task 1 academic in 20 minutes

Task 1 Academic in 20 minutes You should spend about 20 minutes on this task The graph below shows information about the activities that Australian and New Zealand children enjoy doing the most in 2007. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words … Read more