IELTS both sides and opinion essay Common mistakes

Putting your opinion in the introduction of the essay For this type of essay, it is best to keep your opinion for the final paragraph. Writing this here makes it seem like this essay is just about your opinion. Instead, you should write: “This essay discusses both sides of this argument and then I will … Read more

Common mistakes IELTS opinion essay

Unclear opinion In the example below the candidate fails to fully make clear their opinion in the introduction. The examiner can only guess that the candidate agrees, and has no idea of the extent. In this case, this is not a good introduction, and this has a negative effect on task response and also cohesion … Read more

Discuss both views: model IELTS essay

Some people feel that the design of newly constructed buildings in big cities should be controlled by governments. Others believe those who finance the construction of a building should be free to design it as they see fit. Discuss both these views and give your opinion. Comments about the task: A both sides and opinion … Read more