ielts help is here

HELP IS HERE FOR YOUR IELTS Currently, I offer student two really valuable services. The first one is to have IELTS writing tasks assessed for the grade they will receive and also to correct your writing and make suggestions about how to increase the score for each of the four grading criteria. www.ieltsanswers.com/writing-correction-ielts.html The second service … Read more

memorised phrases in the IELTS exam

It is common for students to express concern that the use of set formats and memorised phrases like the three types of essays recommended by ieltsanswers.com will adversely impact upon the quality of their work.  In this article, I will discuss the rational for advocating the use of the set essay formats. Recently a student asked the following question: … Read more

Advice for the day of your speaking test

This blog gives you suggestions for the day of your IELTS speaking test. Before your test After the written test get out of the test centre and relax before your speaking test Start warming up 20 minutes before your test by thinking about the three questions that start your speaking test which are: your work/study, your … Read more