Single Time Static Model Answer

Single Time Static Model Answer

The table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002.

Static ielts task categories of expenditure planning

Model Answer:
The table shows the percentages of consumer expenditure for three categories of products and services in five countries in 2002. Overall, the largest proportion of consumer spending in each nation went on foodstuffs, beverages, and tobacco; and the lowest was for recreation and learning.

 With regard to food, beverages, and tobacco the nation that spent the highest was Turkey, at 32.14%, followed by Ireland, at nearly 29%. Spain was third with 18.8% whilst Italy and Sweden were 16.36% and 15.77%, respectively.


Turning to clothes and shoes, which accounted for the second highest proportion of spending. The Italians spent the highest proportion at exactly 9%. The next highest proportions were by the Irish, Spaniards, and Turks at around 6.5%. The Swedes spent the least at 5.40%


Finally, spending on leisure and education was the lowest for all five nations. The highest level of spending was by the Turks at 4.35%. The next highest was in Sweden and Italy with 3.22% and 3.2%, respectively, while Spain had the lowest proportion being 1.98%. [170 words]

Task Analysis:
Time: static
Fewest category: spending type
Amount of data: 15

1.You should not use symbols; therefore, you should not use slashes [/] in your reports. For example, Clothing/Footwear = clothing and footwear.
2.You should not capitalise the categories as they are not proper nouns.
3.As the numbers are very precise you should use some language of approximation such as: roughly, approximately, just over, slightly over.

spending = expenditure
country = nation
food/drink/tobacco = foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco
clothing/footwear = clothes and shoes
leisure/education= recreation and learning
Ireland = Irish
Italy = Italians
Spain = Spaniards
Sweden = Swedes
Turkey = Turks

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