Process Diagram Model Answer

Process Diagram Model Answer

The diagram below shows the various stages involved in the production of beer.

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Model Answer:
The figure illustrates the different steps used to manufacture beer. Overall, there are eleven stages in the process, beginning with the milling of malted barley and ending with packaging the beer.

Looking at the pre-fermentation stages of the process, we can see that in order to get liquid from malted barley, it has to be milled, mashed with water and lautered in special tanks. In order to get a pure liquid, the spent grain is taken out and used for the feeding of animals. Then, the liquid has to be boiled with sugar and hops and mixed in a whirlpool before cooling.

In the remaining stages, the cooled liquid is fermented by adding yeast and during the process, carbon dioxide is extracted. Then, it is transferred to storage tanks, in order to be matured. In the second to last stage, the matured beer is transferred to a filter for filtering. Finally, the beer is packed in either bottles, barrels or put in tanker trucks for delivery. [166 words]

Task Analysis:
Time: single
Tense: present passive is best
Amount of Data: 11 stages

1.With a process the overall summary can be the number of stages, pieces of equipment, or ingredients/materials used.
2.Passive tenses are needed as the agent (doer of actions) is unclear in the process.

production = manufacture
beer = alcoholic beverage

Sequencers:  first, subsequently, after that, finally
Verbs of process: Verbs are needed to describe putting things in, taking them out, changing one thing into another, or throwing away waste items. (inserted, extracted, transformed into, discarded).
Put in: inserted, added
Take out: extracted, removed
Changed: transformed, altered
Thrown away: discarded

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