planning answer ielts speaking part 2

You only have 1 minute to prepare your answer so you should use it wisely. Focus on the following things:

  1. Identify key words in the question
  2. Think about the tense required
  3. Choose to talk about something familiar to you and that you have language to describe. This is really important!
  4. Write down some key points. These key points will form paragraphs in your answer.
  5. Write down some key vocabulary [if you have time for this]

How to prepare your answer for part 2 IELTS speaking test

Watch this video on YouTube.

Important note: You do not need to stick to the sub-questions on the topic card; as long as you are talking about the topic you can say anything about it. You also do not need to cover ALL of the sub-questions.

IELTS speaking part 2 task instructions:

ielts speaking part 2 task instructions

Your handwritten brainstorm might look a bit like this:

planning ielts part 2 answer2

Model Answer

Well, a fantastic place I went to is San Francisco in California. It’s definitely the best holiday I ever went on, so it’s a place I will never forget.

I went there in 2013 for about four months during summer. I remember the climate is weird at this time of year as it got really foggy at about four o’clock every day and also it was surprisingly chilly during the night.

I went there with a chum of mine who is from Viet Nam, and we shared an apartment together. He is a vegetarian, so I also became a vegetarian during that time. You know I had to give up eating some of my favorite food like sirloin steak and lamb chops.  We only ate veggies and I remember eating a lot of pasta with shitake mushrooms. I also remember his brother who was a very talented artist.

The thing I remember most about San Francisco is that there were many cool places to visit such as Fisherman’s Wharf, which is famous for its delicious seafood and sour dough bread. Oh, and Alcatraz Island, which used to be a prison for murderers and other serious criminals.

Some of the other things I enjoyed about San Francisco were the different types of people and the easy-going relaxed lifestyle they seem to be leading. As well as that, there were many trendy places to hang out and also some great restaurants and cafes.

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