Personality Feature

Personality Feature


You should say:

– what the feature is

– why it is a good feature

– how this feature has benefited you

and explain how important this feature is for your future


The good feature that I would like to talk about is my non-judgmental attitude.

The state of being non-judgmental is not to pass judgement on anyone or anything too quickly without full acknowledgement. It’s an unhealthy habit as well as a sign of people with fixed mindset that hinders them from truly perceiving the surroundings as what they are. Therefore, I try to avoid it at all cost, which is not impossible because, fortunately, it has imprinted in my mind at early age that everything has its own reason for existence.

An ability to be fair and to reserve my comments on everything around has opened up my eyes and afforded me an opportunity to actually reach out to people and learn about their inner desire and motivation. For example, if you have a classmate who breaks the school’s record for the number of times him being late, you could presume that he is a lazy boy who spends the whole night playing Play Station 4.

However, little do you know that he wakes up at 4.00AM every morning to deliver milk and newspapers in a nearby neighborhood. No, you don’t. You just want to be right and don’t have a heart to dig deeper. That’s exactly where things go wrong. As a result, I’ve made a promise to myself that no matter what the situation is, I would look into it with the eye of an outsider, someone who can view it in different angles. Admittedly, it’s easier said than done. Once in a while, your emotion will cloud your common sense. Still, practicing non-judgmental attitude is one step closer to perfection.



What kinds of characteristics are common in modern society?

People in modern world tend to have bigger vision, curiosity and ambition than those of the earlier days. Youngsters no longer limit themselves in four walls but reaching out to explore the world with endless energy and passion. With constant effort and firm determination, we are now experiencing considerable changes resulted from thousands of innovations and disruptions every second, which leads us to where we are now. If it hadn’t been for those remarkable traits, we wouldn’t have ever gone this far.


What qualities should a good teacher have?

If you ask me, inspiring and tolerate are the most desirable characteristics I find in any teachers. There is nothing more encouraging and motivational than having a teacher who constantly stimulates and challenges students by providing two-way conversations and conveying meaningful messages through his or her lectures. As we all know, teenagers are troublemakers; therefore, the one who can overlook the impulsive acts and guide them back on track with pure compassion will definitely win them over.


Do you think parents’ personalities can affect their children’s personalities?

There is no doubt parents’ characteristics can have profound influences on their children’s development, particularly in their formative years of childhood. What they say and how they do things will probably be duplicated by their kids without their acknowledgement. If parents are caring, supportive and tolerate, their children may consider them their peers and be open with them about their hopes and concerns. Since love and care are what the kids know, they will treat others with the same manners. On the contrary, if children are neglected or inappropriately treated at home, they couldn’t care less about what happens to others.


Would you like to develop a specific personality in the future?

Nobody is perfect and neither am I. There are many things I need to work on to improve myself, personally and professionally, one of which I would like to deal with most is my procrastination. I have a tendency to put everything off and wait until I have an urge or enough motivation to kick start myself, which has proven to be extremely dangerous sometimes. Once I almost missed a deadline of my final thesis for graduation just because of my laziness and, of course, procrastination. They say old habits die hard, especially the bad one, but I’ll try my best to get rid of that unhealthy style of working.


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