Model Essay for 2017
Travelling in a group with a tour guide is the best way to travel.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Whether it is best to travel independently or with a tour guide in a group is often a hotly debated issue. Personally, I believe that it is better to travel with a guide as they can take care of all the arrangements and in a group as it will lead to jovial experiences.

The main reason why I consider it is better to travel in a group with a guide is because it is easier and more relaxing. This is because a guide can take care of all the arrangements for the group’s itinerary such as where to stay and eat, allowing the travellers to focus on enjoying their journey. This is particularly true when travelling to places with different languages and cultures where a guide is essential to ensure that accommodation and dining occur smoothly, and where problems may occur if you don’t speak the local language.

Another reason I favour this mode of travel is that it is more fun to travel with a guide in a group. This is because you will not feel lonely and you can make friends with your guide and fellow travellers. For instance, I recently went on a trip to China with forty people and during this trip, we had a fantastic time and I have made many new friends that I still keep in touch with.

In conclusion, it is my strong belief that touring in a group with a guide is the best way to make a journey. This mode of travelling is relaxing as the guide takes care of the itinerary and arrangements, and having travel mates is a good way to have more fun when travelling.


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