Model essay: both views and opinion

Model essay: both views and opinion

It is widely believed that increasing levels of shopping is good for the well-being of a country. However others feel that increasing levels of shopping has unacceptable social consequences on a society.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Companies make higher profits and less unemployment
lower prices and better products.

People buy harmful things
more garbage

Model Answer:
In today’s modern world, consumerism is prevalent. While some argue it is the drive behind a country’s economic growth, others are concerned that it has negative ramifications. This essay discusses both sides of this argument and then I will give my own perspective on this sensitive issue.

On one hand, there are people who claim that consumerism boosts a country’s economy. If consumers are purchasing more, then the demand for products and services pushes up the supply of them. This means that businesses will make more money and also they will likely hire more people to make these products which increase employment. In addition, increased spending attracts competition between businesses that compete for the consumers’ patronage by either lowering the price or offering premium products and services. As such, consumers benefit through lower prices and better products.

On the other hand, some people argue that there are drawbacks to consumerism. Firstly, the role of advertising is likely to cause harm. This is because many people are susceptible to the mass media’s influences, and make purchasing decisions that lack rational judgement. One of the best examples, is buying fast food from McDonald’s in place of alternative healthy snacks, due to the enticing advertisements by McDonald’s on TV. Another issue is that shopping behavior is having negative consequences on the natural environment. For instance, landfills are full of the packaging form all the product people are buying as well as the old products they are disposing of.

In conclusion, I believe there are both positive and negative aspects of increased levels of shopping. However, if I had to pick a side in the argument, I would be against consumerism because it is more important to protect ourselves and our planet from harmful consequences than stimulating the economy.

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