Map Model Answer

Map Model Answer

The two maps below show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities.

ielts map island plan

Model Answer:
Given are two maps depicting an island before and after the building of tourist amenities. Overall the island transforms from having no man-made constructions to an island that is covered with structures, except on the right-hand side of the island.

Starting with the first map, which shows that the island has only one beach on the left-hand side and it is barren except for a few trees scattered around it. The island is about 250 metres long and about 75 metres wide with no man-made features.

The second map illustrates the building of tourist infrastructure on the island. The left of the map shows a path was constructed to allow tourists to go swimming at the beach. This path is connected to a ring of bungalows. To the right of this path, a road was built with a reception building beside it. The road leads to a restaurant above the reception and a jetty below it that allows boats to dock. On the right side of the island, another ring of huts was constructed connected by a path. The far right remains free from man-made construction. [187 words]

Task Analysis:
Time: 2 periods
Amount of data: about 10 key features

1.There is no compass on the map so we cannot use words like north or south to describe the map
2.There is a scale showing 100 metres so the size of the island MUST be covered.

Describing locations on a picture/map.

top-left top top-right
left centre right
bottom-left bottom bottom-right

In the centre of the map…
In front of the…
Next to…
Adjacent to…

Describe objects which are nearby:
Next to…
Within easy reach of a…
It is not far from…

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