Limited Data Model Answer

Limited Data Model Answer

The table below shows the average daily sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district.

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Model Answer:
The table displays the average weekly revenue of a small inner-city restaurant. Overall, dinner sales are always greater than lunch sales and weekdays have higher sales than weekends.

Looking first at the lunch sales, Mondays and Tuesdays are almost the same with sales of $2,400 and $2450, respectively. Sales peak on Wednesdays at $2,595, reduce to $2,375 on Thursdays and then rise to $2,500 on Fridays. Weekend sales are the lowest, with $1,950 on Saturday and then a further decline to $1,550 on Sunday.

Turning to revenue in the evening, it is higher than lunchtimes every day. Monday’s sales are $3,623 and then they rise to $3,850 on Tuesday. Following this, sales dip to $3,445 on Wednesday, before rising again to $3,800 on Thursday, and then peaking at $4,350 on Friday. As with lunch sales, the revenue declines significantly during the weekend to $2,900 on Saturday, and subsequently further to the lowest level of the week at $2,450 on Sunday.
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Task Analysis:
Time: single
Fewest category: lunch and dinner
Amount of data: 14

1.When there is limited data, you MUST include every piece of data.
2.Reach the word limit by making lots of comparisons.

sales = revenue
downtown business district = inner city
Monday-Friday =week days
Saturday-Sunday =weekends

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