giving an invitation


Write a letter to your friend in another town and invite him/ her to a party. 
In your letter explain:
     – why are you having this party     
     – why you want your friend to be there
     – give directions how to get there


Model Answer

Dear Sally,

I hope your new cat has settled in; anyway, I am writing to invite you to my house next weekend for a party.

The reason for the celebration is I have just been promoted. Last Friday my boss told me that he had approved my application for the Senior Analyst position. It will mean more hours but also great perks like an annual bonus and a company car.

I really want you to come because you were so much a part of my life when we were studying together at university. Without your guidance and support I am sure I would have failed and would not be where I am today; besides I really miss you.

I better give you some guidance so you can find my house. I think the best thing to do is to get the train to Victoria Station in London and from there you can continue to Brighton. Text me when you are near to Brighton and I will meet you at the station. From there we can walk to my house.

Please let me know if you can come.

Best wishes,

Anne [190 words]

Task Analysis:

Who will receive the letter: friend

Relationship: friends

Formality level: informal





– I’m writing to invite you to…

– I’d love it if you could come to…

– We’re organising a … and would love it if you could come.



– I hope you’ll be able to make it…

– Hope you can come.

– Looking forward to seeing you then.

– Please let me know as soon as possible.

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