With regards to your study plan, to really improve your English requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution you’re not going to find it and simply paying money won’t solve it. The only way to really improve your English is to get immersed into it and do lots and lots of reading and listening to build up your vocabulary and sentence structure. Then you need to do writing and speaking to improve your ability to think and produce language.

In order to get to 8 in the shortest and most efficient time you get quicker results by focusing on test taking skills and ways to “fake” the test… For instance, if you learn lots and lots of model answers you might be able to apply these when you take the test as you may be able to write an essay or give a part two answer in the speaking test that is above your usual English ability.

So, you need to think whether your priority is to learn English or to get a high score on the test. On my website, I give some suggestions about some fast and efficient ways to get to 8 in the test.

Preparing for an IELTS test

Pass your ielts letter test

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