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Dr Taha in Iraq

Dear Mike,
I am so happy and excited because I passed the exam .I checked the online results. I am so grateful to your help and effort ,hoping that I can return it back one day .
Thanks again.


Daisuke in Japan

Hi Mike,

Sorry, I haven’t touched base with you for couple of weeks – I finally got overall 7.5 (R:8.0, L:7.5, W:7.0, S:6.5). Although my speaking score is poor, the total band is satisfactory to apply to the school I would like to attend.

All I want to say to you is I would not have got this result without your support. I cannot thank you enough. By the way, could you please let me know your physical address – I’d like to send you a thank-you present.



Shamus in Hong Kong
Hi Mike,

I have a good news to you, I got band 8.5 in my IELTS, I had 7.5 in both speaking and writing, and 9 in listening and reading, overall was 8.5. I am very happy with it because it was higher than I expected.  I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your teaching. I remember all my errors you pointed out in my writing essay and it helped me a lot. It inspired me to have more ideas in my test.

Now I am preparing a personal statement for applying universities in U.K.  I would like to seek help from you if you can proof read my statement and/ or rewrite it concisely.
Best wishes,


Testimonial for Mike Wattie IELTS tutor: From Clark in Australia

Before I meet Mike, I had already taken five IELTS tests, but never simultaneously passed with 7 in 4 parts. To be honest, I never worried about my listening and reading, but writing and speaking are definitely my weaknesses.

When it comes to my writing, there were big two problems I had that needed be addressed: Task Response and Coherence & Cohesion. Firstly, Mike emphasized that I needed to read the question very carefully and highlight the key words in the question. Then I was suggested to write the task according to those key words. It seems very simple but it is really important and useful. After some practice, I could keep getting 7+ in Task response. Secondly, I didn’t do well in Coherence & Cohesion, so Mike suggested me to read some model answers in “Cambridge IELTS Past Test Papers”. With this method, I not only learnt dozens of linking words, but also had a clear perspective of organizing ideas logically.

In terms of my speaking, Mike helped me a lot, especially in Part2 and Part3. I practiced Speaking with Mike 3 times per week. After a few weeks, my speaking improved significantly. Compared with only being able to speak for less than one minute’s in Part2 before, I could easily talk about a topic for more than 2 minutes with few errors. Besides, Mike also helped me with some tricky questions in Part3 that I didn’t know how to answer before. With the aid of Mike, I developed the ability of brainstorm, which could allow me to come up with some question-related ideas within a very short time. Plus, the content about seven types of Part3 questions  in Mike’s website is also really helpful.

Overall, Mike gave me great help in improving my IELTS score. I am so lucky that he could be my IELTS tutor.


Testimony about Mike Wattie IELTS tutor: From Igor in Russia

There is my testimony about Mike’s tutorial advice which helps me to improve my writing IELTS skills in a month.

To be more specific, my first result in writing was 6.5 but I needed to get 7. I had been striving to do this without success when I encountered Mike’s website. Even though he promised to improve my writing after eight writing lessons, I barely could believe this because I had already written around 30 essays which were checked by well-known services and they did not help me. Fortunately, I was wrong and after 8 lessons I took IELTS again and got 7 in writing easily. At this attempt I was quite confident and time pressure did not disturb me too much. Moreover, I knew that I could get a higher score because I was well-prepared.

I suppose, it happened because Mike is able to work out individual approach to me and enforce my weak aspects of writing. Moreover, he is an extremely pleasant and obliging man who exactly knows how to deal with IELTS.

If I had not met him in the web, I would not get my 7 so quickly. Thanks Mike!

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  1. Jeshika Nayak


    I am Jeshika from Dubai. I am very grateful to Mike for his writing correction services. It helped me achieve my desired band in IELTS exam. I high recommend him as his responses are prompt and he also guides in case one doesn’t understand.

    Mike – Thanks a lot!!

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