The Diagrams below show a small local museum and its surroundings in 1957 and 2007 summarize the information by selecting main features etc.

map for museum ielts report writing

The illustrations depict changes to a museum building and grounds in 1957 and 2007. Overall, the building has become much larger and the number of trees has been greatly reduced.

Looking first at the grounds of the museum, the picture in 2007 shows that all the trees have been removed from the roadside, and also most of them to the left and to the rear of the museum. The driveway leading up to the museum has also been removed and a car park has been built by the roadside.

In terms of the building itself, the entrance has been moved from the middle of the building to the left-hand side of the building, where a new museum shop has been built. From there, visitors can go into a new reception room. A cafe has been built on the right-hand side of the building replacing the museum storage room. The National History exhibition room has been turned into a local history room. A special exhibitions room and an education centre have also been added.


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