IELTS Speaking Preparation at Home

IELTS Speaking Preparation at Home

Let me a new course designed to help you pass the IELTS speaking test. It’s designed to be fun, interactive and effective.  You’re being given, in fact, a unique opportunity to take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of an IELTS examiner, teacher and author.

Firstly, you’ll have access to an extensive bank of questions as well as hot tips to help you answer them effectively.

In addition, you’ll learn how to develop the skills and strategies needed to obtain the best result.

As well as these you’ll discover how to develop the right mindset to face the exam with confidence.

An important part of the course is the digital version of my popular book IELTS SPEAKING SUCCESS. This is a valuable and extensive resource of over 200 pages designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your full potential come test day.

Everything the book teaches you is further reinforced by a series of videos which are designed to be practical, informative and entertaining. Among other things they introduce high-level vocabulary and aim to help you understand various grammatical structures. Finally, our live online classes highlight key aspects of the test, giving the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and to discuss anything you don’t understand.

As long as you apply the knowledge gained from the books, videos and our online classes then you will surely maximize your chances of obtaining the best possible band score.

So now you have some information about the course I recommend that you grab this opportunity and take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of an experienced IELTS examiner.

Let’s partner together to help you get the score you need so that you can move on to the next step of fulfilling your dreams. If you are interested in more details about this course please send me a message using the form below and let me know what time of the day you are available to study and what country you are in. I will send you a free 140 page ebook to get you started!