What if the examiner asks you certain questions that you may not have the knowledge to answer? First, you should understand that IELTS isn’t designed to test your knowledge; it is meant to assess your English speaking skills Telling the truth or giving correct factual information is not important. What matters is your ability to produce accurate language. Let’s look at the sample question below:

“Which crop is most important to your country?”

It doesn’t really matter which crop you choose. Just pick a crop and talk about why it might possibly be important to your country. You just have to speak as if you believe it’s the most important crop in it doesn’t matter whether it actually is or whether other people would agree with you will not. You could say something like:

Gosh that’s a tricky question. I think it might be kiwifruit because I saw on the news that my country exports these a lot and makes a lot of money from them. A lot of people are also employed in the kiwifruit industry making it vital to the rural economy in my country.”

Always remember that IELTS is a language test and not knowledge test… You’re only being assessed on the quality of the language you produce and not on the quality of the ideas or the correctness of the information.

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